Business Connections Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as “BNI VN”), owner of the website “” is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of customers. This information security policy (collectively referred to as the “Policy”) describes how BNI VN collects and uses Users’ personal information, as well as explains the rights that Users may have with respect to such information. that personal information. This policy applies to all Users who use BNI VN’s services on the platform (collectively referred to as the “Platform”).

Customers, before accessing and using the platform, please read the “Privacy Policy” below to better understand the commitments we make. The User’s consent to BNI VN processing information and data according to this Policy is expressed by clicking on the send box when filling out the Registration Form to participate in the Summit. The User fully bears all responsibilities and obligations arising from violations of the regulations, commitments, warranties and/or conditions specified in this Policy and will not be exempted on the grounds that the User has not or do not read and fully understand the provisions of this Policy. If the User reads and fully understands this Policy and objects to BNI VN’s regulations, the User must leave the Platform and stop using any BNI VN services immediately.

1. Scope of personal information collection
a. Information that Users provide when using BNI VN’s service includes: Full name, Phone number, Email, Chapter name, BNI Region name.
b. User information that BNI VN collects when Users access, register, experience and use services on the Platform includes: transaction history, tasks and interactions of Users when accessing , click Register Now. The User needs to ensure the legality, truthfulness and accuracy of the information that the User provides, introduces, updates to the Platform and the User takes full responsibility and releases BNI VN from all obligations. , liability arising from the User’s violation of this provision.

2. Purpose of collection and Scope of information use
BNI VN collects and uses User personal information for appropriate purposes and fully complies with the content of this Policy, specifically as follows:
– Providing or supporting Users to use services on the Platform.
– Support Users when purchasing services
– Send information related to activities and events.
– To synthesize, analyze, determine and research the effectiveness of the service thereby providing the best experience for Users.
– Send reminders, notifications, invoices, payment schedules and how to use the service.
– Notification of changes to the Platform and other notices related to User’s use and access of the Platform.
– Other uses when receiving consent from the User.

3. Information processing and storage time
– BNI VN will carry out the processing of User’s personal information as soon as the User begins to provide User’s personal information to the Platform.
– BNI VN applies the method of storing copies of User information for a period of time equivalent to the period of time the User continues to maintain transactions created through the Platform. User information provided to the Platform will be stored until cancellation is requested.

4. People who can access information
BNI VN will not share or allow access to User information except in the following specific cases:
– Cases related to the use of personal information as stated in this Policy.
– Requests from tribunals, arbitrators or state agencies to resolve disputes or comply with legal regulations.
– To protect the rights of BNI VN and other third parties when we believe that providing such information is in accordance with the law, protecting the rights and property of Users, BNI VN or third parties. three other.

5. Methods of accessing and editing information
– Users have the right to approach, access and check their personal information directly through contacting BNI VN’s support department to check the information.
– Users have the right to access, edit, and adjust certain information by directly contacting BNI VN’s support department to make adjustments and corrections.
– Users have the right to directly contact BNI VN support to delete or destroy certain information.
Please note that deleting or destroying User information will not mean deleting all User information and data from BNI VN’s database and storage. Accordingly, BNI VN still has the right to store a certain amount of information and data necessary for Users to provide related services and support or comply with BNI VN’s legal obligations or to Resolve disputes related to Users or protect the legitimate interests of BNI VN, Users or another third party.

6. Confidentiality of personal information
– BNI VN ensures that User information is stored in the best possible security

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