Welcome customers to the website https://en.hoingodinhcao.com/. By accessing this website, you agree to the terms of use below. Please read these conditions carefully before using our website:

1. General regulations
a. https://en.hoingodinhcao.com/ is a website managed by Business Connections Joint Stock Company, created to introduce the annual “Peak Meeting” event, helping customers register Participate in events through the website (collectively referred to as the “Services”)
b. General definition
– The website owner and service provider is Business Connections Joint Stock Company.
– Service users (Users) are individuals, organizations, and businesses that are established and operating under Vietnamese law and have a commercial presence in Vietnam. Users have the right to access the website, register to purchase services and perform payment steps to complete the transaction.
– Members include both service users and information referents on the website.
– The content of these Terms of Use complies with current regulations of Vietnam. When participating in the website, members must learn about their legal responsibilities under current Vietnamese law and commit to comply with the contents of this regulation.

2. Ordering and payment process
See details in section: Instructions for registering to participate in the Peak Reunion and payment.

3. Rights, responsibilities and obligations of the Service Provider
a. Responsible for notifying this sales e-commerce website to the Ministry of Industry and Trade according to regulations.
b. Be responsible for providing complete, truthful information and not violating the law on this website.
c. Obliged to collect customer information only to serve the purpose of building a potential customer base, promoting services and implementing business goals that do not violate the law.
d. Have the right and responsibility to notify customers about changes to policies, terms and conditions of transactions on the website.

4. Rights, responsibilities and obligations of Users
a. Have the right to access, consult and use public information on the website for purposes that do not violate the law.
b. Do not commit acts of infringement of intellectual property rights according to the provisions of the current Vietnam Intellectual Property Law. Upon request from the Website Owner and Service Provider, the customer must immediately stop their violation.
c. Services may not be transferred or subleased to any other third party unless with the written consent of the Service Provider.
d. Responsible for payment according to agreement with the service provider.
e. Obligation to provide accurate and complete information to BNI Vietnam to provide the fastest and most accurate basis for providing services and support.

5. Other terms
Service providers have the right to issue adjustments to the content of all policies on the website at any time by updating the website. Customers can regularly visit the website to monitor the regulations. specify this constraint when used.

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